Replacements join Easy Company, struggling to be accepted by the veterans who fought at Normandy. The Company parachutes into the Netherlands as part of Operation Market Garden, where they liberate Eindhoven. During combat in Nuenen, the replacements integrate themselves with the Company, but all are forced to retreat. The episode follows Sergeant Denver "Bull" Randleman, the replacements' immediate superior, as he evades German soldiers in Nuenen after being cut off from his unit and is forced to wait there until the enemy leaves in the morning.

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Band of Brothers Season 1

# Title Air Date
Band of Brothers
1:1 Currahee Sep 9, 2001
1:2 Day of Days Sep 9, 2001
1:3 Carentan Sep 16, 2001
1:4 Replacements Sep 23, 2001
1:5 Crossroads Sep 30, 2001
1:6 Bastogne Oct 7, 2001
1:7 The Breaking Point Oct 14, 2001
1:8 The Last Patrol Oct 21, 2001
1:9 Why We Fight Oct 28, 2001
1:10 Points Nov 4, 2001

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