Easy Company carries out a dangerous mission in Haguenau as David Webster (who narrates) returns from a hospital. Together with new replacement 2nd Lieutenant Jones, he eventually (re)integrates with the other soldiers, whose experiences at Bastogne have made them weary and closed-off from Webster due to the fact he didn't try to leave hospital early, unlike other soldiers in the company. At the end of the episode, Captain Winters is promoted to Major, Lipton receives his battlefield commission to 2nd Lieutenant, and Jones is promoted to 1st Lieutenant.

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Band of Brothers Season 1

# Title Air Date
Band of Brothers
1:1 Currahee Sep 9, 2001
1:2 Day of Days Sep 9, 2001
1:3 Carentan Sep 16, 2001
1:4 Replacements Sep 23, 2001
1:5 Crossroads Sep 30, 2001
1:6 Bastogne Oct 7, 2001
1:7 The Breaking Point Oct 14, 2001
1:8 The Last Patrol Oct 21, 2001
1:9 Why We Fight Oct 28, 2001
1:10 Points Nov 4, 2001

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