As Nixon scrounges for his favored whiskey, Vat 69, Easy Company enters Germany. Some of the men on patrol stumble across a concentration camp near Landsberg and free the prisoners after realizing that the guards had abandoned the camp. The sight of the victims leaves many shocked and disgusted.

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Blood on the Risers
written by

This Song is played in Why We Fight part of Band of Brothers Season 1
The paratroopers sing this song as they roll out on their convoy

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Band of Brothers Season 1

# Title Air Date
Band of Brothers
1:1 Currahee Sep 9, 2001
1:2 Day of Days Sep 9, 2001
1:3 Carentan Sep 16, 2001
1:4 Replacements Sep 23, 2001
1:5 Crossroads Sep 30, 2001
1:6 Bastogne Oct 7, 2001
1:7 The Breaking Point Oct 14, 2001
1:8 The Last Patrol Oct 21, 2001
1:9 Why We Fight Oct 28, 2001
1:10 Points Nov 4, 2001

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