With the London Dock Strike of 1889 leading to protests in the streets of London, the killing of Jewish anarchist Joshua Bloom (Ferdinand Kingsley) in a bomb explosion and the wrecking of the International Working Men's Club in Berner Street sees Reid and the team fighting international terrorism lead by Russian spy Peter Morris (Peter Ferdinando). Jackson, using his Pinkerton experience, goes undercover to infiltrate the strikers but Reid is warned off the case by Commissioner James Monro (Michael McElhatton) and Superintendent Constantine (Derek Riddell) of Special Branch who seems to have prior knowledge of Morris' activities, Jackson's past and Reid's daughter's death. When his wife tells Reid to clear their daughter Matilda's bedroom, he opens up to Miss Goren (Lucy Cohu), telling her of the circumstances of how he received burns to his body when his daughter disappeared, and stating that he believes she is still alive.

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Ripper Street Season 1

# Title Air Date
Ripper Street
1:1 I Need Light Dec 30, 2012
1:2 In My Protection Jan 6, 2013
1:3 The King Came Calling Jan 13, 2013
1:4 The Good of This City Jan 20, 2013
1:5 The Weight of One Man's Heart Jan 27, 2013
1:6 Tournament of Shadows Feb 3, 2013
1:7 A Man of My Company Feb 17, 2013
1:8 What Use Our Work? Feb 24, 2013

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