Gibson begins to investigate the attack on Annie Brawley (Karen Hassan) – a botched killing that brings her one step to the Strangler, both emotionally and physically. As the investigation begins to focus on a single individual, Gibson makes contact with Musicman, revealing to him details of his own past. 
Meanwhile, Spector is seen on TV, forcing him to give a statement to the police, whilst a pregnant Sally-Ann provides him with a false alibi. After a confrontation with the Investigating Officers, Spector leaves Belfast for Scotland.

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The Fall Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Fall
1:1 Dark Descent May 13, 2013
1:2 Darkness Visible May 20, 2013
1:3 Insolence & Wine May 27, 2013
1:4 My Adventurous Song Jun 3, 2013
1:5 The Vast Abyss Jun 10, 2013

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