Chief Inspector Matt Eastwood's (Stuart Graham) investigation into DS Olson's death reveals DI Breedloves (Michael McElhatton) involvement with the Monroe family, forcing the latter to take drastic measures that drag Stella deeper into Internal Affairs investigations. Gibson interviews a possible ex-girlfriend of the serial killer, whilst she mounts a televised plea for information pertaining to the murders. 
Spector's professional relationship with Liz Tyler (Séainín Brennan) is questioned by both his bosses, and her husband Jimmy (Brian Milligan), forcing him to speed up his next attack – with grave consequences.

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The Fall Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Fall
1:1 Dark Descent May 13, 2013
1:2 Darkness Visible May 20, 2013
1:3 Insolence & Wine May 27, 2013
1:4 My Adventurous Song Jun 3, 2013
1:5 The Vast Abyss Jun 10, 2013

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