Immediately following Linda's murder, Nygaard walks to Lou's Coffee Shop and orders dinner for two, pretending to wait for her. He sneaks outside to a pay phone and, disguising his voice, reports gunshots to police, then goes back in. After Linda's body is discovered, Nygaard is questioned at the police station and later released. Meanwhile, Lou informs Grimly that Malvo may be back in Bemidji. While rushing to the police station to see Solverson, Grimly spots the red BMW in a secluded driveway and suspects it could be Malvo's. While investigating, he sees Malvo exit a cabin and drive away. In town, Malvo visits a car dealership ostensibly to test drive a car, telling the salesman it looks like an "undercover vehicle". Oswalt informs Solverson that he is resigning and wants her to take over as Chief. Agents Pepper and Budge drive Nygaard home, unaware that Malvo is following them. Nygaard refuses to allow them in the house, so Pepper and Budge remain on watch outside. When a car pulls into the driveway, Pepper and Budge, suspicious, pull out their guns and approach. Inside is the car salesman with his hands duct taped to the wheel. Malvo ambushes Pepper and Budge, killing them. While Nygaard pretends to frantically call 911, Malvo breaks in and enters the upstairs bedroom. He steps on a bear trap that Nygaard hid under a pile of clothing. Nygaard charges out, shooting at Malvo but misses. Malvo returns fire, also missing, then escapes to his hideout to treat his badly fractured leg. Grimly surprises Malvo and fatally shoots him. Later, Grimly shows Solverson a briefcase containing Malvo's tape recordings, including Nygaard's phone call about killing Pearl. Two weeks later, police track Nygaard to Glacier National Park in Montana and pursue him on snowmobiles. Nygaard crashes before running onto thin ice, then falls through. Solverson receives a call at home regarding police divers searching the water. Grimly tells her that he is receiving a citation for bravery, saying she deserves the credit. She assures him it is his moment.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Television Series are referenced by this Television Episode?

It refers to...
Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal

Dates: December 19, 2005 - January 2, 2009
This Television Series is referred to by Morton's Fork part of Fargo Season 1
Gus, Molly and Greta are watching 'Deal or No Deal' on TV at both the beginning and end of the episode.

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