Nygaard confronts Malvo at the bar, then follows him and his companions into the elevator, demanding Malvo acknowledge him. Instead, Malvo kills his "co-worker," Burt Canton, Burt's wife, Louise, and Malvo's new fiancée, Jemma. Malvo tells Lester that he has been impersonating a dentist in Kansas City, Missouri to assassinate Canton's brother, who was under witness protection. Nygaard strikes Malvo's head with the award and rushes back to his hotel room. Awakening Linda, he insists they immediately fly home. Soon afterward, the Las Vegas Police Department contacts Bemidji police reporting that Nygaard may be a witness. Deputy Solverson interviews Lester at his new house, but he denies seeing anything. In Fargo, Agents Budge and Pepper act on a new tip regarding the rampage shooter and travel to Bemidji to meet with Solverson. Impressed by her evidence, they ignore Chief Oswalt's plea to drop the investigation and compliment Solverson. While delivering mail, Grimly notices Malvo driving by in a red BMW without initially recognizing his altered appearance. In Bemidji, Malvo stops by Lou's diner attempting to locate Nygaard. Lou, suspicious, shares little information. Meanwhile, Nygaard, wanting to get away, quickly arranges a trip to Acapulco with Linda. They stop by his office to retrieve their passports and cash, but Nygaard, fearing Malvo could be inside, has Linda put on his hooded orange coat and sends her into the office. He sees Malvo shoot Linda. As Malvo leaves, he glances at Nygaard's car parked across the street, but Nygaard is hiding.

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