Following Chazz Nygaard's arrest, Lester Nygaard consoles his sister-in-law, Kitty, who believes her husband is guilty. Shortly afterward, Lester tosses out Pearl's belongings, beginning a new life. Later, Gina Hess, accompanied by her sons, angrily storms into Lester's office, demanding payment from Sam's cancelled insurance policy and accusing Lester of duping her for sex. Lester sternly rebuffs her and her two boys, impressing his co-worker Linda Park with his new-found assertiveness. Meanwhile, Solverson returns to work and unsuccessfully attempts to reopen the Lester Nygaard investigation. At the Duluth hospital, Malvo kills a police guard then tells Mr. Wrench that he killed Mr. Numbers. Malvo gives Mr. Wrench the handcuff key and invites him to look him up later, if he "still feels raw" about Mr. Numbers' murder. In Fargo, FBI Agents Pepper and Budge, who were on surveillance during Malvo's 22-homicide rampage, are demoted to filing clerks. A year later, Grimly, now a mailman, is happily married to Solverson. In Las Vegas, Nygaard, who has married Linda, receives an award for salesman of the year. While at the hotel bar, Nygaard spots Malvo, who now sports grey hair and a goatee rather than brown hair and a full beard.

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