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Fargo: Buridan's Ass / Season: 1 / Episode: 6 (00010006) (2014)

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Fargo: Buridan's Ass / Season: 1 / Episode: 6 (00010006) (2014) (Television Episode)
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Buridan's Ass (Television Episode)

Season: 1
Episode: 6
Production Code: 00010006

May 20, 2014
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Malvo has Chumph call Milos, who is ready to make the ransom drop. Malvo then knocks out Chumph and duct tapes him to an exercise bench in Chumph's entryway. Malvo also tapes an unloaded shotgun to Chumph's hands, then proceeds to fire randomly into the neighborhood with a rifle. Malvo leaves before police storm the house, killing Chumph. In Duluth, Deputy Solverson and Officer Grimly are discussing the recent murders when nearby gunshots are reported. They rush to the scene and find a car wreck that Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench had staged to trap Malvo. A shootout ensues in a snowy whiteout. Malvo ambushes Mr. Numbers, forcing him to reveal who hired him and Mr. Wrench to kill him, then Malvo slits Numbers' throat. Solverson and Grimly get separated in the whiteout, and Grimly, blinded, hears shots and accidentally shoots Solverson. Meanwhile, Milos returns to where he found the satchel of cash 19 years earlier and buries the blackmail money in the snow. He believes God has now forgiven him for having taken the satchel, but while driving back, discovers his bodyguard and son, Dmitri, have been killed in a freak auto accident. In Bemidji, Nygaard sneaks out of the hospital and plants the murder weapon and other incriminating evidence in his brother Chazz's gun cabinet. He also places an unloaded handgun in his nephew Gordo's backpack, then returns undetected to his hospital room.