Sledge and Leckie return home after the Japanese surrender. Sledge is still haunted by the horrors of war. Leckie starts a relationship with Vera. John Basilone's widow, Lena, pays John Basilone's parents a visit and gives them his Medal of Honor.

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This Poem is referred to by Home part of The Pacific Season 1
Part of this book is quoted, "Achilles still wept for thinking of his dear comrade, and sleep, before whom all things bow, could take no hold upon him. This way and that did he turn as he yearned after the might and manfulness of Patroclus; he thought of all they had done together, and all they had gone through both on the field of battle and on the waves of the weary sea."

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Helmet for My Pillow
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This Book is referred to by Home part of The Pacific Season 1
Book is mentioned at the end of the episode

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The Pacific Season 1

# Title Air Date
The Pacific
1:1 Guadalcanal/Leckie Mar 14, 2010
1:2 Basilone Mar 21, 2010
1:3 Melbourne Mar 28, 2010
1:4 Gloucester/Pavuvu/Banika Apr 4, 2010
1:5 Peleliu Landing Apr 11, 2010
1:6 Peleliu Airfield Apr 18, 2010
1:7 Peleliu Hills Apr 25, 2010
1:8 Iwo Jima May 2, 2010
1:9 Okinawa May 9, 2010
1:10 Home May 16, 2010

A Home
performed by Dixie Chicks

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Please Like Me:
Season:  2  / Episode:  2 




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  • Type: Movie


performed by Freelance Whales

performed by Ray LaMontagne

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