Hannah learns that Caroline is living with Laird and that they are expecting a baby together. Afterwards, she receives an acceptance letter from the University of Iowa for their prestigious writers' workshop and is encouraged by her parents to jump at the opportunity. Though she never fully confirms that she will go, the episode ends with her clutching the letter and smiling to herself. Meanwhile, Shoshanna's academic life and nerves crumble when she learns that she cannot graduate. After Marnie tells her that she slept with Ray, she begs Ray to take her back, but he rejects her. At the opening night of Major Barbara, Desi kisses Marnie after she gives him a James Taylor guitar pick, but the afterglow is diminished once Marnie realizes that she has caused a rift in his relationship with Clementine. Despite positive reviews, Adam feels he blew his performance and lashes out at Hannah for psyching him out with her news about Iowa. Finally, Bedelia asks Jessa to assist her in committing suicide, and while a reluctant Jessa ultimately agrees, Bedelia balks and changes her mind after ingesting the drug.

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