Lamson is chased by Rick, who hits him with his car and shoots him because he ignored his warning to stop running. The remaining officers agree to lie to Dawn about Lamson's death in order for the deal to push through. Fr. Gabriel explores the old camp of the Hunters, where he is horrified by Bob's roasted leg on the barbecue pit. Walkers break out of a nearby school and follow him to the church, where Carl and Michonne fend off the horde. When the walkers enter the church, the three escape through Fr. Gabriel's secret exit. Abraham's group arrives shortly; after Glenn tells Michonne that Eugene was a liar, Michonne reveals to the group that they know where Beth is. Meanwhile, Beth and Dawn begin to converse more, and the latter reveals that she has protected Beth by covering up the events surrounding Gorman's death and Carol's situation. When officer O'Donnell listens in their conversation and blackmails Dawn, Beth and Dawn work together to kill him. In another conversation, Beth accuses Dawn of covering up her actions to defend herself and claims that she will escape just like Noah, although Dawn disagrees and tells her that Noah will return. Rick's group initiates the trade, and both groups meet at the hospital. The officers are traded for Carol and Beth, although Dawn changes the terms by demanding Noah to return as her ward. Noah volunteers to stay. Beth goes to hug him, but then confronts Dawn and stabs her with scissors she hid. Dawn instinctively shoots Beth dead, and an enraged Daryl kills a remorseful Dawn. Both groups engage in a standoff, however the officers decide to stand down, as they knew Dawn was unraveling. Rick denies an offer by Edwards for sanctuary at the hospital, and offers the wards to join them; only Noah joins Rick. Rick's group leaves the hospital as Abraham's group arrives. Daryl carries out Beth's body and Maggie breaks down over her sister's death. Meanwhile, Morgan continues his journey to find Rick's group. He encounters the Hunters' camp and the church, where he finds Abraham's map for Rick.

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