The group is still reeling from the tragedy at Grady Memorial Hospital. Rick, Tyreese, Glenn, and Michonne decide to take Noah back to his hometown near Richmond, Virginia, in honor of Beth who was planning to help him get there. Upon arriving, however, they discover that the walled community has been overrun by walkers and see no signs of any survivors. Noah breaks down, then sprints to his family’s home with Tyreese in pursuit, only to find the remains of his mother and twin brothers inside. While Tyreese is surveying a bedroom, he's bitten in the arm by one of Noah's brothers, now a walker. Noah dispatches his brother and runs off to get the others, who are scavenging the neighborhood for supplies. Tyreese suffers severe blood loss and begins to hallucinate, having imagined conversations with Martin, Bob, The Governor, Lizzie, Mika, and Beth. His strength and character are challenged by Martin and The Governor, while the others try to reassure him that everything's going to be alright. Elsewhere, Michonne continues to express her desire to settle in one place and to fortify the town, but Rick argues that the town is indefensible. Michonne then recommends going to Washington, D.C., as their best chance for survival, arguing that Eugene may have lied about the cure, but his belief that Washington holds the best odds is true. Rick nods in agreement as they are alerted by Noah's screams for help. Michonne amputates Tyreese's bitten arm, and they escape from an attacking horde of walkers. During the ride back, goaded by visions of Beth, Bob, Lizzie, and Mika, Tyreese dies. He is buried, and Gabriel presides over the funeral.

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