Ben, April, Andy, Donna, Tom, and Terry trap Ron and Leslie in the old Parks and Recreation department overnight so the two can work out their differences. It is revealed that Morningstar, the project that drove the wedge between her and Ron, was Ron's construction company, Very Good, was bulldozing houses near Pawnee Commons, including Ann Perkins' old house, to make way for an apartment building. Ron reveals that after Leslie took April, Andy, and Terry to work with her, and Tom and Donna left to run their businesses, he got lonely for his old friends and one day, he suddenly didn't recognize anyone in the department. He decided to ask Leslie for a job in the National Park Service during lunch the following day, but when her schedule got so hectic and she stood him up for lunch, and he decided to quit. The two finally reconcile through the power of alcohol, and the rest of the former department find a very confusing scene the next morning. Ron later meets Leslie for lunch and gives her a picture frame made of Ann's front door.

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Parks and Recreation Season 7

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