Amelia's secret about being a drug addict is revealed at the hospital when a patient's daughter publicly demands another doctor for her mother once she finds out that Amelia is her surgeon. The daughter was at Amelia's Narcotic's Anonymous meetings and knew every detail of her past. Amelia, hearing all the whispers from her co-workers, seeks comfort and advice from Richard. After she exercises her right to not discuss her past with Owen, Owen goes to Derek for answers. Derek, wanting to be Chief of Neurosurgery again, leads Owen to believe that Amelia isn't sober. Arizona takes on a case without Dr. Herman, who is MIA. She is able to save the baby, but the mother dies on the table. Dr. Herman shows up after the surgery, revealing to have gotten a dose of radiation treatment, in addition to have kept an eye on Arizona's work with the case. April was by Arizona's side trying to save the mother, but when she fails, she becomes more concerned about her own pregnancy. Jo performs her first solo surgery, but once she's done, she can't remember if she completed every step. To teach her to be confident in herself, Bailey leads her to believe that the patient died because of her uncertainty, even though she didn't. Derek addresses the hospital board and comes clean about Amelia. He then confesses to Amelia that he has hit rock bottom due to trying to do right by his wife, kids, and her.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11

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Grey's Anatomy
11:7 Could We Start Again, Please? Nov 13, 2014
11:8 Risk Nov 20, 2014
11:9 Where Do We Go From Here? Jan 29, 2015