Carter goes undercover again to search for the truck with the weapons, and finds the address of the truck's official driver. The S.S.R. agents interrogate Miles Van Ert, the Roxxon scientist who made the weapons, and learn of the address as well. Carter and Jarvis arrive at the house first, and find Brannis, who they force to go with them. The three are attacked by a man who works for Leviathan, the organization that Brannis has betrayed. Carter fights the man, but he still manages to mortally wound Brannis. Jumping to safety with Carter and Brannis, Jarvis forces the truck to careen off a cliff with the attacker, and the weapons inside implode. Before he dies, Brannis draws a symbol in the dirt. S.S.R. agents Dooley, Thompson, and Sousa later arrive to find Brannis's body, a woman's footprints, and a hotel key (belonging to the attacker). Meanwhile, Agent Krzemenski, sifting through the remains of the Roxxon refinery, finds the license plate for Stark's car that Jarvis and Carter used to get away.

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Agent Carter Season 1

# Title Air Date
Agent Carter
1:1 Now is Not the End Jan 6, 2015
1:2 Bridge and Tunnel Jan 6, 2015
1:3 Time and Tide Jan 13, 2015
1:4 The Blitzkrieg Button Jan 27, 2015
1:5 The Iron Ceiling Feb 3, 2015
1:6 A Sin to Err Feb 10, 2015
1:7 SNAFU Feb 17, 2015
1:8 Valediction Feb 24, 2015

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