Zoe reveals to Reddington that an unknown man named The Decembrist was responsible for facilitating her disappearance during the 1991 Kursk bombing. The Task Force investigates the bombing and learns that the person to benefit the most was an ex-KGB agent who is currently a high-ranking Russian official. Reddington and Berlin head to Moscow to interrogate them and learn that Alan Fitch himself was the Decembrist. Meanwhile, Liz maintains her attempts to interrogate Tom for intelligence on Berlin, only to run into complications with a harbormaster killed by Tom. Reddington's attempts to warn Fitch fall on deaf ears, only for Berlin to kidnap Fitch. Left with no other option, Liz releases Tom from captivity after learning the address of Fitch's whereabouts. A Hostage Rescue Team extracts a bomb-laden Fitch to the Post Office while Reddington uses Zoe to make contact with Berlin in order to find a means of disarming the bomb. Fitch tells a bomb technician to stop working on the bomb after realizing that it cannot be disarmed. Fitch attempts to tell Reddington of a safe in St. Petersburg but only manages to give the combination number before the bomb's detonation. During the aftermath, Reddington sends Mr. Kaplan to erase evidence of the harbormaster's death. He also fatally shoots Berlin after the two share a bottle of vodka. Reddington facilitates Tom's disappearance and warns him to stay away from Liz. Tom assures Reddington that he kept their professional connections a secret from Liz during his captivity

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The Blacklist Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Blacklist
2:1 Lord Baltimore Sep 22, 2014
2:2 Monarch Douglas Bank Sep 29, 2014
2:3 Dr. James Covington Oct 6, 2014
2:4 Dr. Linus Creel Oct 13, 2014
2:5 The Front Oct 20, 2014
2:6 The Mombasa Cartel Oct 27, 2014
2:7 The Scimitar Nov 3, 2014
2:8 The Decembrist Nov 10, 2014
2:9 Luther Braxton Feb 1, 2015
2:10 Luther Braxton: Conclusion Feb 5, 2015
2:11 Ruslan Desinov Feb 12, 2015
2:12 The Kenyon Family Feb 19, 2015
2:13 The Deer Hunter Feb 26, 2015
2:14 T. Earl King VI Mar 5, 2015
2:15 The Major Mar 12, 2015
2:16 Tom Keen Mar 19, 2015
2:19 Leonard Caul Apr 23, 2015

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