Maddox Beck, an eco-terrorist, steals an ancient clay painting from his wife to map out the location of a dormant pneumonic plague virus. Beck successfully recovers the virus and weaponizes it to inoculate his followers and create a world-wide epidemic. The Task Force contains most of the followers, but Samar and Elizabeth are infected by one of them at Dulles International Airport. With Aram's help, Reddington learns Beck's location and steals a supply of synthesized vaccine, as well as a necklace and a key, before leaving Beck to commit suicide. The vaccine is delivered to the Task Force for distribution to infected agents and civilians. Meanwhile, Reddington, now knowing who is believed to be Jennifer (Scottie Thompson)'s whereabouts and identity, covertly watches her from a distance. Having failed to convince Reddington to remove the guard he assigned to her, Elizabeth pays a look-alike to distract the guard while she secretly visits a basement at an undisclosed location.

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The Blacklist Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Blacklist
2:1 Lord Baltimore Sep 22, 2014
2:2 Monarch Douglas Bank Sep 29, 2014
2:3 Dr. James Covington Oct 6, 2014
2:4 Dr. Linus Creel Oct 13, 2014
2:5 The Front Oct 20, 2014
2:6 The Mombasa Cartel Oct 27, 2014
2:7 The Scimitar Nov 3, 2014
2:8 The Decembrist Nov 10, 2014
2:9 Luther Braxton Feb 1, 2015
2:10 Luther Braxton: Conclusion Feb 5, 2015
2:11 Ruslan Desinov Feb 12, 2015
2:12 The Kenyon Family Feb 19, 2015
2:13 The Deer Hunter Feb 26, 2015
2:14 T. Earl King VI Mar 5, 2015
2:15 The Major Mar 12, 2015
2:16 Tom Keen Mar 19, 2015
2:19 Leonard Caul Apr 23, 2015

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