In the mid-1980s, a young African boy witnesses his family get massacred by a group of human traffickers before getting kidnapped by the same group in Sierra Leone. In the present day, one of the human traffickers gets kidnapped and sedated. His skinned body is stranded at a remote location in Kamchatka, Russia. Reddington identifies the group of human traffickers as the Mombasa Cartel, responsible for a large number of poachings of endangered wildlife. After getting a lead from a technology-based businessman, the Task Force arrests one of the Mombasa Cartel's business partners for further information to no avail. When attempted surveillance on the business partner has failed, a drug-addicted Ressler heads to a remote cabin in Anchorage, Alaska after getting a lead from the Task Force, only for him to be held prisoner by a small family responsible for kidnapping and preserving the bodies of the Mombasa Cartel members. While Liz and Samar lead a Hostage Rescue Team to rescue Ressler and apprehend the suspects, Reddington confronts the mastermind, Geoff Perl (Peter Fonda), in a remote hotel. Reddington reveals that the young boy was Dembe and recovers the full list of the Mombasa Cartel members before killing the mastermind. During the aftermath, Reddington makes an interaction with Jennifer, and it is revealed that Liz had held Tom prisoner in a remote cell for an undisclosed amount of time.

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The Blacklist Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Blacklist
2:1 Lord Baltimore Sep 22, 2014
2:2 Monarch Douglas Bank Sep 29, 2014
2:3 Dr. James Covington Oct 6, 2014
2:4 Dr. Linus Creel Oct 13, 2014
2:5 The Front Oct 20, 2014
2:6 The Mombasa Cartel Oct 27, 2014
2:7 The Scimitar Nov 3, 2014
2:8 The Decembrist Nov 10, 2014
2:9 Luther Braxton Feb 1, 2015
2:10 Luther Braxton: Conclusion Feb 5, 2015
2:11 Ruslan Desinov Feb 12, 2015
2:12 The Kenyon Family Feb 19, 2015
2:13 The Deer Hunter Feb 26, 2015
2:14 T. Earl King VI Mar 5, 2015
2:15 The Major Mar 12, 2015
2:16 Tom Keen Mar 19, 2015
2:19 Leonard Caul Apr 23, 2015

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