Rick and the group enter Alexandria and are instructed to surrender their weapons. The group meets with Deanna, the leader of the safe zone, who interviews the group members individually and records their conversations. Rick, during his interview, warns her not to accept strangers into the community and tells her how the world has changed, while Carol lies about her past and makes herself seem weak. The group is given two side-by-side houses to live in; however, Rick insists that the entire group stay together in the same house the first night. Several members of the group clean themselves up, including Rick, who shaves his beard and gets a haircut from Jessie, a resident of Alexandria and a former hairstylist. Glenn, Tara, and Noah go on a supply run with two residents, Deanna's son, Aiden, and Nicholas. Tara is nearly killed during the supply run by a walker, due to Aiden's cockiness, inexperience, and recklessness. This causes Glenn to get into a fight with Aiden back at the safe zone. As a sign of trust and equality, Deanna assigns Rick and Michonne as constables of Alexandria. Later, Rick convenes with Carol and Daryl, declaring that if the members of the community cannot protect themselves, then Rick's group will take over.

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The Walking Dead Season 5

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