Aaron tells the group he is from the Alexandria Safe Zone and shows them pictures, trying to convince them to join him and "audition for membership". Rick, however, distrusts Aaron and knocks him unconscious. When Aaron awakens, he finds he has been tied up. Rick and the others have searched through his bag and found a flare gun. Aaron reveals that the gun is to be used to signal his partner, who is outside nearby. He also reveals that they have two vehicles nearby that are large enough to transport them all back to the safe zone. Michonne convinces Rick that they should see if Aaron is telling the truth about the vehicles, and when they find he has, she pressures Rick to go to the safe zone. Rick confides in her that he's scared of losing his family, and that he doesn't know if he can go through with visiting the safe zone, reasoning that Woodbury and Terminus appeared to be safe havens but were sinister. Michonne convinces him to give it a chance and he agrees, but only if they take an alternate route. Aaron advises against it, as they have not cleared the area of straggling walkers. They leave at night and hit a herd of walkers in the middle of the road. After escaping the walkers, Rick, Glenn, Aaron, and Michonne meet up with the rest of the group, from which they were separated. Aaron is reunited with his partner, Eric, who was rescued by the other group after shooting his flare gun. The next morning, Rick's group arrives at the Alexandria Safe Zone.

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