A college sophomore is stalked in a costume shop by a clown that is suspected to be her obsessive ex-boyfriend. Ben finds evidence online that it was the ex-boyfriend's roommate, acting on his behalf. The girl and her roommate rent a house that is supposedly haunted, after a woman named Amy hung herself in the basement and her husband, Greg, committed suicide upon finding her. When the girl is stalked again at the house, her ex and his roommate have airtight alibis. Jack finds evidence in the basement, pointing the TAU team toward a professor of Paranormal and Occult studies at the college, but the professor winds up dead when the girls throw a Halloween party at the house. Ben and Janice research the house's former owners, and call Jack to tell him the legend is only half true. Amy committed suicide, but there is no record of Greg's death. Jack discovers a hidden room in the basement, and is attacked by Greg. Greg is quickly shot and neutralized by Beth. Elsewhere, Perry learns that Beth's real name is Michelle Webber. He reads an article that says Michelle had lost her family (father, mother, sister and family dog) in a house fire and she was the only survivor. A masked Perry later follows Beth around at the Halloween party, and she discovers it's him. He calls her Michelle in a low voice. At home, Beth calls a psychiatric institution, and confirms that a certain patient number 5679 is still confined there and asks if he'd had any visitors. Amanda gives Jack a final warning to leave L.A., and their heated conversation is witnessed by Janice. When Jack follows Amanda and Ethan during Halloween night, he makes contact with Ethan by helping him.

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