When Klaus discovers that Elijah has been afflicted by Esther's magic, he heads to the bayou in search of an antidote, but quickly realizes he's not alone. His father helps him with finding cure for his brother and also tells his son he know that Hope is still alive so Klaus kills him to protect her. Armed with intel gathered by Aiden, Hayley teams up with him Marcel, Cami and Josh and launches a plan to take down Vincent/Finn by exploating his weakness, in a surprising turns of events Jackson helps them. Meanwhile, with Esther determined to carry out her plan vincent/Finn and Kaleb/Kol are forced to reconsider their own strategies. Intrigued by Davina's unwavering attempts to create an unlinking spell, Kaleb/Kol lets her in on some secrets from his past and brings her to a place he frequented in 1914. Lastly, Vincent/Finn and Kaleb/Kol are being kidnapped by Hayley and Marcel. Elijah wakes up.

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The Originals Season 2

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