Dana accidentally hears the tape while riding home with Adam and a problem ensures in their relationship and Adam lands into trouble with Beverly, he tries to make up for the mistake, but fails to do so, much to his dismay. Barry gets a fake I.D., which is quickly confiscated by Mr. Muller (Bryan Callen), the gym coach when he shows it off to the school, much to the dismay and disappointment of Barry. However, Barry has to make good on some promises he made to some friends in order to get into a senior party. He uses Murray's I.D, but is quickly caught at the store he was buying beer at. He buys sandwiches, but Murray takes him home and they eat the sandwiches. A clip in the show when Adam is giving Dana the mixtape shows Barry begging for his I.D. back from Mr. Muller.

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The Goldbergs Season 2

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The Goldbergs
2:1 Love Is a Mixtape Sep 24, 2014
2:2 Mama Drama Oct 1, 2014
2:3 The Facts of Bleeping Life Oct 8, 2014
2:4 Shall We Play a Game? Oct 22, 2014
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2:6 Big Baby Ball Nov 12, 2014
2:7 A Goldberg Thanksgiving Nov 19, 2014
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2:12 Cowboy Country Feb 11, 2015
2:13 Van People Feb 18, 2015
2:15 Happy Mom, Happy Life Mar 4, 2015
2:20 Just Say No Apr 15, 2015

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