The Gallagher home is in disarray, with everyone neglecting monetary and practical obligations. Lip adjusts to a new reality; and buttsheads with Amanda. Debbie and Derek agree that it's time to consummate their relationship, and after learning of a lifestyle that appeals to her, Debbie makes a potentially life changing decision. Frank falls for Bianca, and begins his own unique form of courting. Ian is feeling lifeless and turns to extreme measures to feel again. He later enlightens Sammi concerning his military insubordination. He and Mickey have a romp over their differences, before making love at an old rendezvous. Kev unwittingly sells synthetic marijuana to a handful of college students that leads to one of them jumping out second story window. Lip turns to his new lover for an assist, and she dishes out some harsh truth. After that debacle, Kev returns to V. After an emotional day with Sean, Fiona drifts further away from Gus. When Mickey and Ian return home, Sammi has a devastating surprise awaiting the latter.

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Shameless Season 5

# Title Air Date
5:1 Milk of the Gods Jan 11, 2015
5:2 I'm the Liver Jan 18, 2015
5:3 The Two Lisas Jan 25, 2015
5:4 A Night to Remem...Wait, What? Feb 1, 2015
5:5 Rite of Passage Feb 8, 2015
5:6 Crazy Love Feb 15, 2015
5:7 Tell Me You Fucking Need Me Mar 1, 2015
5:8 Uncle Carl Mar 8, 2015
5:9 Carl's First Sentencing Mar 15, 2015
5:10 South Side Rules Mar 22, 2015
5:11 Drugs Actually Mar 29, 2015
5:12 Love Songs (In the Key of Gallagher) Apr 5, 2015

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