An accident lands Fiona in county jail where she experiences the wrongs of her actions and gets a rude awakening. After getting the prognosis on Liam's condition, Lip fully blames Fiona for her lack of responsibility and disregards Fiona's attempts to be a guardian again. Debbie runs off to Matt's apartment to find solace but doesn't realize that his feelings for her have changed. Frank gets some sobering news from the doctor saying he doesn't have much time left to live. Though Samantha is expecting the worst-case-scenario, Frank believes his time is not up yet and is too stubborn to die. Sheila says goodbye to her new boyfriend's family and experiences an empty nest once again. Samantha tries to admit Frank to a hospice but he refuses to go. Lip tells Mandy of their current situation and asks for her help in locating Ian. Fiona gets bailed out of jail unexpectedly by Mike, who doesn't ever want to see her again after he takes her home. While the rest of the family comes to see Liam recover at the hospital, Fiona walks into the empty Gallagher home and realizes she's alone once again.

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Shameless Season 4

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