Annalise files a Missing Person report on Sam, making it seem like Sam fled as a fugitive for killing Lila. The Keating Four are unsure of what Annalise knows about their involvement in Sam's murder and her intentions to help them avoid getting caught. Annalise is able to persuade the court that Rebecca had nothing to do with Lila's death, but rather shift the blame on Sam. Rebecca is acquitted of all charges. Connor and Michaela contemplates on turning themselves in and blame Sam's murder on Wes. They bargain with Laurel to either go along with the plan, or they'll sell her out too. Laurel instead told Wes and Annalise and Annalise tells them that turning themselves in won't do anything but make things work and that she vows to always protect them and that they need to trust her. Annalise tells Frank what really happened to Sam. Connor calls Annalise letting her know that Sam's sister, Hannah, a psychologist is in town and refuse to believe that Sam killed Lila.

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 1

# Title Air Date
How to Get Away with Murder
1:1 Pilot Sep 25, 2014
1:2 It's All Her Fault Oct 2, 2014
1:3 Smile, or Go to Jail Oct 9, 2014
1:4 Let's Get to Scooping Oct 16, 2014
1:5 We're Not Friends Oct 23, 2014
1:6 Freakin' Whack-a-Mole Oct 30, 2014
1:7 He Deserved to Die Nov 6, 2014
1:8 He Has a Wife Nov 13, 2014
1:9 Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me Nov 20, 2014
1:10 Hello Raskolnikov Jan 29, 2015
1:11 Best Christmas Ever Feb 5, 2015
1:12 She's a Murderer Feb 12, 2015
1:13 Mama's Here Now Feb 19, 2015
1:14 The Night Lila Died Feb 26, 2015
1:15 It's All My Fault Feb 26, 2015

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