Annalise finds out that she is finally able to retry someone who was put on death row more than twenty years ago and she is now able to convince the Supreme Court of his innocence. Wes stops coming to class, so Frank tries to find Rebecca in order to get Wes back into the fold. Annalise and the team prepare for their Supreme Court hearing and try to figure out how their client was set up. During the trial Annalise is reprimanded for how her case is built on circumstances, only for them to argue that the original case was the same, resulting in their client being set free. Frank plants Lila's phone in her boyfriend Griffin's car, only for Nate to find out, resulting in Griffin getting arrested. Annalise tells Sam about what she's done and tells him the only reason she did it was because she needs him. 
Present event: Asher realizes that the trophy is missing from the apartment and goes to confront his classmates about stealing it only for him to get a call from Bonnie resulting in them hooking up together. Bonnie gets a call from Annalise questioning where Sam is and saying that something has happened to him.

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How to Get Away with Murder Season 1

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How to Get Away with Murder
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1:14 The Night Lila Died Feb 26, 2015
1:15 It's All My Fault Feb 26, 2015

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