Kimmy gets a call from Cyndee, from the cult after Titus sends her a letter to her because he believes that she needs to talk to someone about her life in the bunker. Jacqueline takes Kimmy to her surgeon (Martin Short), prompting Kimmy to want to get a new face because she doesn't want to get recognized from the bunker. Titus auditions for a spot in a Broadway production, after Kimmy convinces him that he needs to be more confident in himself. Later, she also explains to Jacqueline that she needs to accept herself for who she is and not focus so much on her looks. Kimmy then realizes that she needs someone to talk to about the bunker and invites Cyndee to come visit her in New York.

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Date: October 14, 1991
This Television Series is referred to by Kimmy Goes to the Doctor!
At the agent's office, Titus has prepared and delivers a monologue from the TV series 'Maury'.

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