Betty reveals to Don that she is pursuing a degree in psychology. Pima Ryan, a famous commercial artist collaborating with SC&P, seduces Stan and unsuccessfully attempts to seduce Peggy. Megan, who is struggling to find work, rejects a sexual proposition from Harry, then accepts a million dollar check from Don, as a divorce settlement. Marie helps Megan move her belongings out of Don's apartment and, ignoring Megan's instructions about the few items to take, removes all of Don's furniture, summons Roger to pay the movers, and then has sex with Roger in the apartment. Don continues pursuing a relationship with Diana and learns more about her: she abandoned one daughter after the other died. Diana ultimately rejects Don because he makes her forget about them. After leaving Diana's apartment, he comes home to find his own apartment emptied.

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Mad Men Season 7

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Mad Men
7:1 Time Zones Apr 13, 2014
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7:3 Field Trip Apr 27, 2014
7:4 The Monolith May 4, 2014
7:5 The Runaways May 11, 2014
7:6 The Strategy May 18, 2014
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7:8 Severance Apr 5, 2015
7:9 New Business Apr 12, 2015
7:10 The Forecast Apr 19, 2015
7:11 Time & Life Apr 26, 2015
7:12 Lost Horizon May 3, 2015
7:13 The Milk and Honey Route May 10, 2015
7:14 Person to Person May 17, 2015

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