It is June 1970. What at first appears to be a failure to pay the lease on time leads to SC&P's discovering that McCann's plan is to close down their office and move everyone into the parent company's headquarters. Don devises a plan to move to California as "Sterling Cooper West" and manage the lucrative contracts that conflict with McCann's portfolio. However, Ken enjoys toying with his former co-workers before telling them he won't sign on. Eventually, McCann's CEO lets Don, Roger, Joan, Pete, and Ted know the absorption into McCann is going to happen and they should appreciate their "victory". Elsewhere, Peggy's emotions surge when a group of children are at the office for a focus group. Pete and his estranged wife Trudy (Alison Brie) reunite after a crisis arises involving Tammy's preschool application. After a scuffle upon which Pete socks a pedantic headmaster, he and Trudy find some friendly common ground while pondering their past and future. She reveals regret about forcing him to leave the city for suburbia. Now as a single mother, she's hit on by the men she encounters but notes, ironically, as she ages no one will notice her. Pete tells her she's ageless. Don tries to find Diana again. Joan has praise from her co-workers and a new love interest, but a very uncertain professional future. As rumors fly, Don's secretary pressures him to make an announcement. The partners call the rest of the staff into the lounge and announce the coming move. Though Roger and Don try to spin the news positively, the partners quickly lose the crowd's attention as employees wander away in disappointment.

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