Ian is hitchhiking with Monica, and Mickey is having sex with various people. Fiona is told by a band member that she might need to leave Gus. Fiona tries to pursue Sean but is reprimanded and told to "grow up". Lip is publicly dumped by Amanda after he sets her up because she randomly waited for him. She punches him and storms out of a library sobbing. Fiona catches Derek in bed with Debbie and Fiona disapproves and Debbie reveals that she desires pregnancy. Fiona presses the abortion option if that is case and hypocritically reasons that Debbie's life will be "ruined" with Debbie counter arguing that Fiona married Gus too soon. Frank and Bianca are holidaying in Costa Rica in a oceanside shack but have conflicts of interests. Frank buys a gun, only to have Bianca play Russian roulette and Frank taking the gun from her, gets shot in the other arm, with Frank laughing at the irony. Bianca is experiencing progressing cancer. The next morning, Bianca wanders into the ocean naked, never seen again. She leaves Frank and her family money. Ian and Monica visit her boyfriend; Walter, a teenage trailer dwelling meth cooker. Ian begins to fight with Walter and misses Mickey. Mickey is called by Ian that he's back. Mickey runs over to the Gallagher household, unsure of Ian, with Ian explaining that he accepts his condition and wont take his meds. Although Mickey still wants to be with him but Ian hints that he won't be a burden on Mickey if that is the case. Mickey is torn over Ian's stubborness when he notices Sammi appearing, with a gun. She starts to chase Mickey and shooting at him while he runs taunting her. Fiona and Veronica run outside, seeing police cruisers go by and welcome Ian back. They go back into the house with ending credits. An intercut scene of Ian and Lip smoking in Frank's van and Lip explaining his cut lip, laughs over women in general. Frank walks up and says; "She's gone." with Lip and Ian both chuckling. The next scene is Carl and Chuckie in juvie in their opposite gangs confronting each other. Security guards running to fighting noises and an alarm blares hints at an uncertain event. Debbie reading a pregnancy test exclaims both enthusiastically and concernedly.

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Shameless Season 5

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