Louie's unpleasant tour continues. He arrives in Oklahoma City and is taken to his guest apartment by the comedy club owner's airheaded and racist daughter. He finds he'll be sharing the space with a comic named Kenny. Kenny invites him to share some whiskey even though it's still morning, but Louie declines. Louie's first night at the club is difficult, with a demanding club owner and a poor reception from the audience. While taking a walk to get away from Kenny, Louie has a fun experience at a craft fair where some women persuade him to dress as a Civil War officer. That night at the club Kenny mocks Louie onstage and the next morning they have a heated discussion about their approaches to comedy. Eventually Louie comes around to Kenny's point of view and agrees to drink a bottle of whiskey with him. Unfortunately this ends with Louie retching in a toilet and Kenny sustaining a fatal head injury. The episode ends with Louie returning home and telling his daughter Jane a tall tale about the photograph of his ancestor, the Civil War general.

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Late Show with David Letterman

This Television Series is referred to by The Road Part 2 part of Louie Season 5
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Louie Season 5

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5:2 A La Carte Apr 16, 2015
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5:5 Untitled May 7, 2015
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