Louie takes Lily to a play starring Matthew Broderick, Glenn Close, John Lithgow, and Michael Cera and gets annoyed when she focuses on her phone instead of the deep emotional contents of the production, only to learn she was looking up information on the play. Louie apologizes for initially demanding she hand over the phone to him. He then gloomily prepares to host a sleepover for Jane and several of her friends, and when he learns the mom and dad of the first girl to arrive are heading towards a divorce, he tries to give good advice that completely fails. Jane and the girls demand a sundae station (he says no) and pizza (which he orders) before Louie gets a text from Pamela and ends up demanding both that she call him and start sexting, which she does even though she appears to be on a date, and he has to cut it short to handle the sleepover. After the pizza arrives, Louie gets a desperate phone call from Bobby saying he's in jail and needs bail money to avoid spending the night there. The girls are actually happy to head to the police station and their hijinks get a lazy cop to quickly process Bobby's bail. The group then hears Bobby's false story of why he was in jail, and everyone (including their cab driver) ends up enjoying dessert at an ice cream shop.

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Louie Season 5

# Title Air Date
5:1 Pot Luck Apr 9, 2015
5:2 A La Carte Apr 16, 2015
5:3 Cop Story Apr 23, 2015
5:4 Bobby's House Apr 30, 2015
5:5 Untitled May 7, 2015
5:6 Sleepover May 14, 2015
5:7 The Road Part 1 May 21, 2015
5:8 The Road Part 2 May 28, 2015



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