Rogers fires upon Caleb and Selah at the POW exchange, wounding a soldier. He is found and rebuked by British Captain Blake for firing during a truce. Caleb tells Henry to find Ben at camp and mention "Genevieve", a code word indicating a meeting point that Ben will understand. Anna mistakenly tells Abe that Selah is dead. She insists on accompanying him to Andre's dinner. He refuses. She finds Abigail and demands help getting into the dinner. Abe arrives at the party and Cooke introduces the nervous new arrival to Andre. Later, while Abe is singing a song, he sees Anna at the party. Blake arrives at Andre's house with news of Rogers firing on the prisoner exchange. Andre tells him to retrieve Rogers and to kill him if he resists. Anna sneaks into Andre's bedroom and discovers a book of encoded entries. Abe follows and kisses her, but she resists. They later have sex when she learns he started the riot at King's College that resulted in the death of his brother (implying that Abe only broke off his engagement with Anna and married his brother's ex-fiancee out of guilt). Ben encounters Henry's convoy and is told Caleb's code word. He rides off and, drawn by the sound of gunfire, arrives and shoots Awasos then ducks for cover with Caleb as Rogers fires back. Both sides are now at a standoff. Blake arrives and declares it to end by order of John Andre. Meanwhile, Selah tells Ben about Samuel's final days. Ben vows to kill Rogers for using Samuel's name to trap him. Rogers says Selah is not who he says he is; Ben lies, saying Selah is his brother, Captain Samuel Tallmadge. Blake orders Rogers to report to Andre. Meanwhile, Simcoe tells Robeson he is investigating a rebel conspiracy and inquires about Ben, Caleb and Abe. Robeson advises him to track down the petition for the New York convention. Hewlett recalls Richard saying Selah Strong was named as a delegate to an illegal body. He encourages Simcoe to continue searching for Setauket rebels.

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