British and American soldiers exchange POWs. A limping Simcoe is one of them. Washington dictates a letter to Howe indicting the barbaric prisoner treatment on ships. He then introduces Ben and Scott to Nathaniel Sackett, who praises Abe's accurate intelligence. Washington orders them to investigate Ben's "spy chain" idea and report back with a recommendation. Simcoe and others arrive at Andre's estate. Andre interviews them, one of which is Lt. Terrence, a spy for Washington. At dinner, Simcoe kills Terrence for incorrectly reciting his regiment's motto. Andre says he planned to try to turn Terrence into a double agent. In New York, Rogers suggests a fight between the brawling Jordan and Titus that others can wager on. Later, Jordan wins the fight and Rogers welcomes him into the Queen's Rangers. Awasos approaches, speaking in Abenaki, to tell Rogers that Ben's brother, Samuel, has been reported held aboard the prison ship, the HMS Jersey. In Long Island, Abe is ambushed and interrogated by Cyrus, a colonial soldier separated from his unit. Abe insists he himself is a spy. Cyrus doesn't believe him, asking why he didn't join the militia. Abe says they cannot win. They start fighting. A group of Redcoats arrive and shoot a charging Cyrus dead. Abe suggests Cyrus was planning on assuming his identity and escaping to the city. He is told solo travelers are no longer being allowed into New York. Sackett shows Ben a way to send messages using hard-boiled eggs, alum, and vinegar. Ben tells Washington the spy chain will work, but only with mutual trust. He again asks how Washington obtained Abe's name. Washington tells Ben in private he obtained Abe's name from one of his spies: Nathan Hale, Ben's friend at Yale who was recently hanged by the British. Scott is sent to the war front, and Ben is promoted to Major and put in charge of the intelligence branch. Abe is then given an alias, "Mr. Culpeper", and Ben is asked to pick a first name. He chooses "Samuel".

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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 1

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