Fearing Caleb's escape will preface a rebel attack, Hewlett must think of ways to fortify the garrison. His plan is to use gravestones from the Setauket church cemetery. Richard is given three days to decide which ten will be removed. Abe warns him the town will turn against him if the gravestones are removed, adding that the town should turn against Hewlett; Richard ignores the advice. Caleb gives Abe's report on the Hessians' march on Trenton to Ben, mentioning Abe's success. Ben urges General Scott to share the intelligence with General Washington. When they refuse to reveal their source, Scott burns the unverified report. Ben and Caleb later fabricate a scouting report and fold Abe's intelligence inside. Scott declares the fake worthy of passing to Washington, overlooking the real one. Andre and Philomena trap General Charles Lee into saying he supplied the British with the location of the safe house, where the ambush occurred, but Lee insists he doesn't know about the attack. Andre reveals that he is Lee's contact to whom the information is given. They then discuss a plan in which Lee escapes, and his hero status propels him to become the new commander of the Continental Army. Lee would then urge the Continental Congress to surrender. Abe suggests Richard call Hewlett's bluff and lead the townspeople against him, since Hewlett does not want to lose Setauket. Richard likes the idea. There is face-off in the cemetery. Richard intervenes, invokes God, and starts digging up his son Thomas' gravestone. Hewlett tells Lt. Appleton this is "how you tame a colony...through winning their hearts and minds".

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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 1

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