Ben, Caleb, and General Scott, with a bound Simcoe in a cart, lead a military convoy to Fort Lee. On the way, refugees tell them the fort has been taken by the British, and General Washington may have been captured. A farmer lets the men stay the night. Brothers Quill, Eben, and Newt guard Simcoe, and Caleb leaves them, stating he is scouting ahead. Eben thinks Caleb is deserting and worries that they are fighting for the losing side. The brothers ambush the new arrivals to exchange them with the British for pardons and money. Ben surprises the brothers, killing all but Newt. Scott orders Ben to execute Newt or face a court martial, but Ben refuses to shoot the lad, insisting Newt was the most passive of the three. Scott shoots Newt, and says Ben will face a court martial. Richard and Abe arrive at the Royal Army-controlled New York City. They are greeted by Colonel Cook, Richard's contact, and Richard introduces Abe as his son and business partner. Over dinner, the three men negotiate the Woodhull's sale of pigs to Cook, who then follows up an earlier conversation with Richard about trading cauliflower. Abe realizes Richard is selling cauliflower grown on Anna's farm, whose produce Richard admits will be divided among loyalists, in the wake of Strong's imprisonment. Abe and his father argue, and Abe leaves. He arrives at King's College, his law school alma mater, where he learns from Hessians camped there the invading army will be marching to Trenton. Abe later tells this to Caleb. Anna learns that Simcoe is alive, but she tells Abe he's dead. She and Abe are able to secure a boat for Caleb's escape.

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Turn: Washington's Spies Season 1

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Turn: Washington's Spies
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1:3 Of Cabbages and Kings Apr 20, 2014
1:4 Eternity How Long Apr 27, 2014
1:5 Epiphany May 4, 2014
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1:7 Mercy Moment Murder Measure May 18, 2014
1:9 Against Thy Neighbor Jun 1, 2014
1:10 The Battle of Setauket Jun 8, 2014
1:8 Challenge May 25, 2015

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