Mark tells Beth he wants to take off work to help care for baby Elizabeth, and later tells Tom he cannot meet with him any more. Lee confronts Ellie and warns her that Hardy and Claire are lovers. Lucy testifies that she saw Joe putting a bag into a skip the night Danny died. A fellow paramedic testifies about Joe's violent temper. Bishop and Thompson decide Joe can't be put on the witness stand. As Ellie drives Hardy to Sandbrook, he tells her about finding Pippa Gillespie's body. Lee and Claire spend the night making love. Hardy meets with Cate Gillespie, who tells a startled Hardy that her husband, Ricky, was having an affair with Claire. She also tells him that Ricky was not with her the night Pippa and Lisa were kidnapped. Hardy and Ellie meet with Hardy's ex-wife, Tess, who refuses to reopen the case. Susan tells Nige she's dying of cancer, but he doesn't believe her. While at dinner with his ex-wife and daughter, Hardy is accosted by Ricky Gillespie—who tells him to stop investigating the Sandbrook case. Hardy wonders if he has accused the wrong man. Ellie tells Hardy about Claire's mobile phone Internet searches, which were all about Lee. She also reveals that Claire only had two numbers on her phone, Hardy's and an unknown number (which the audience learns is Ricky Gillespie's). Olly posts a picture of Lee on the Broadchurch Echo Web site, alarming many people. Susan testifies that she saw Nige placing Danny's body on the beach at Broadchurch. The audience is shown a picture of a field of bluebells on the wall of Ricky's office.

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