As further victims emerge, Chandler is forced to take desperate measures when Buchan suggests that the lack of discovery of the victims' missing organs could suggest that cannibals are operating in Whitechapel. When a priest is brutally murdered, a link to a doomsday cult is uncovered, where members of the group believe that eating the organs of damaged souls will save them from an oncoming apocalypse. Will Chandler and the team finally manage to round up the killers before he or she meet their unexpected fate?

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Whitechapel Season 4

# Title Air Date
4:1 Case One, Part 1 Sep 4, 2013
4:2 Case One, Part 2 Sep 11, 2013
4:3 Case Two, Part 1 Sep 18, 2013
4:4 Case Two, Part 2 Sep 25, 2013
4:5 Case Three, Part 1 Oct 2, 2013
4:6 Case Three, Part 2 Oct 9, 2013


Season:  3  / Episode:  6 
Case Three, Part 2