Chandler and Miles investigate the gruesome murder of an apparent tramp when they discover that the victim was a former spy, forcing the team to cross paths with MI6 as they attempt to discover whether an old adversary of the deceased is responsible. The murder, they discover, is a 16th-century torture, the peine forte et dure, and after a second body is found - an elderly woman burnt at the stake - they realise that someone has started a witch hunt and is now killing suspected witches in Whitechapel.

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Whitechapel Season 4

# Title Air Date
4:1 Case One, Part 1 Sep 4, 2013
4:2 Case One, Part 2 Sep 11, 2013
4:3 Case Two, Part 1 Sep 18, 2013
4:4 Case Two, Part 2 Sep 25, 2013
4:5 Case Three, Part 1 Oct 2, 2013
4:6 Case Three, Part 2 Oct 9, 2013


Season:  3  / Episode:  1 
Case One, Part 1