Big Boo comes up with a scheme to make money. Daya, Taystee and Crazy Eyes confront reality. Caputo tries to make a good impression on some visitors.

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I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

Dates: October 15, 1951 - May 6, 1957
This Television Series is referred to by Finger in the Dyke part of Orange is the New Black Season 3
While Maritza and Flaca are fighting, Mendoza says, "You are like Lucy and Ethel without the charm."

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Orange is the New Black Season 3

# Title Air Date
Orange is the New Black
3:1 Mother's Day Jun 11, 2015
3:2 Bed Bugs and Beyond Jun 11, 2015
3:3 Empathy is a Boner Killer Jun 11, 2015
3:4 Finger in the Dyke Jun 11, 2015
3:5 Fake It Till You Fake It Some More Jun 11, 2015
3:6 Ching Chong Chang Jun 11, 2015
3:7 Tongue-Tied Jun 11, 2015
3:8 Fear and Other Smells Jun 11, 2015
3:9 Where My Dreidel At Jun 11, 2015
3:10 A Tittin' and a Hairin' Jun 11, 2015
3:11 We Can Be Heroes Jun 11, 2015
3:12 Don't Make Me Come Back There Jun 11, 2015
3:13 Trust No Bitch Jun 11, 2015

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