Needing a fake ID to go to Washington DC to find the man who burned him, Michael takes the case of a woman (Guest Star: Lucy Lawless) who claims her son has been kidnapped by her estranged husband. In spite of his better judgment, and Fiona's instincts, Michael becomes emotionally involved in the case, only to discover that the woman is really an assassin sent to kill the man. While Sam and Fiona take the man to safety, Michael finds the assassin nearby and captures her, but she decides to jump to her death rather than go to jail. In the end, all Michael's work is in vain, as Sam tells him that the man who burned him is coming to Miami.

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Burn Notice Season 1

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
1:1 Pilot Jun 28, 2007
1:2 Identity Jul 5, 2007
1:3 Fight or Flight Jul 12, 2007
1:4 Old Friends Jul 19, 2007
1:6 Unpaid Debts Aug 2, 2007
1:7 Broken Rules Aug 9, 2007
1:8 Wanted Man Aug 16, 2007
1:9 Hard Bargain Aug 23, 2007
1:10 False Flag Sep 13, 2007
1:11 Dead Drop Sep 20, 2007
1:12 Loose Ends Sep 20, 2007
1:5 Family Business Jul 26, 2009


Turn: Washington's Spies:
Season:  2  / Episode:  3 
False Flag