Sam asks Michael to help a SEAL teammate of his named Virgil, a repo man who is having trouble reclaiming a boat for his own clients from Jamaican gansters. Complicating matters is that the clients are dirty cops, and the boat has $10 million hidden on board, so, with the money in Michael's hands, the Jamaicans kidnap Virgil for leverage. At the exchange, things go south, as Michael and his team barely escape with Virgil while the cops and Jamaicans are mired in a shootout. At the same time, amidst his breakup with Fiona, Michael meets Jason Bly, a government agent who has been sent to keep an eye on him and stop him from looking into his burn notice.

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Burn Notice Season 1

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
1:1 Pilot Jun 28, 2007
1:2 Identity Jul 5, 2007
1:3 Fight or Flight Jul 12, 2007
1:4 Old Friends Jul 19, 2007
1:6 Unpaid Debts Aug 2, 2007
1:7 Broken Rules Aug 9, 2007
1:8 Wanted Man Aug 16, 2007
1:9 Hard Bargain Aug 23, 2007
1:10 False Flag Sep 13, 2007
1:11 Dead Drop Sep 20, 2007
1:12 Loose Ends Sep 20, 2007
1:5 Family Business Jul 26, 2009

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