Michael's ex-fiance, another former spy who's a talented pick-pocket, shows up at his loft to plea for help with a predicament: her son, from another man, has been taken hostage by a black market trader named Tyler Brennen to coerce her to steal valuable military technology, but she intends to return it. Brennen's espionage background proves to be a challenge for Michael as they work to get the chip back, and, when he tries to hand it to his buyers, the team decides to sabotage the handoff and convince Brennen his only choice is to let them return the chip, which they do before it's found missing. Along the way, Michael explains what happened with his former love to his family and friends, especially Fiona, who was why it didn't work. Simultaneously, Victor is after Michael, who confronts him and decides to kidnap him so they can work out their differences for the greater good.

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Burn Notice Season 2

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
2:1 Breaking and Entering Jul 10, 2008
2:2 Turn and Burn Jul 17, 2008
2:3 Trust Me Jul 24, 2008
2:4 Comrades Jul 31, 2008
2:5 Scatter Point Aug 7, 2008
2:6 Bad Blood Aug 14, 2008
2:7 Rough Seas Aug 21, 2008
2:8 Double Booked Sep 11, 2008
2:9 Good Soldier Sep 18, 2008
2:10 Do No Harm Jan 22, 2009
2:11 Hot Spot Jan 29, 2009
2:12 Seek and Destroy Feb 5, 2009
2:13 Bad Breaks Feb 12, 2009
2:14 Truth & Reconciliation Feb 19, 2009
2:15 Sins of Omission Feb 26, 2009
2:16 Lesser Evil Mar 5, 2009

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