Madeline asks Michael to help one of her friends, a female executive at a private bank who is being stalked by a man (Guest Star: Mark Sheppard) she met online. At the same time, Agent Bly returns to run his own angle on Michael in hopes of shaking off Michael's control of him through blackmail, but they become hostages when the stalker shows up at the bank to rob it. While they team up to free everyone and sabotage the robbers inside, Sam and Fiona help from the outside, and, after the good guys win, Michael and Bly come to an understanding. Bly also agrees to look into the bomber's bank account, but the investigation trips an alarm that empties the account, a sign that will have alerted whoever hired the bomber that Michael's coming.

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Burn Notice Season 2

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
2:1 Breaking and Entering Jul 10, 2008
2:2 Turn and Burn Jul 17, 2008
2:3 Trust Me Jul 24, 2008
2:4 Comrades Jul 31, 2008
2:5 Scatter Point Aug 7, 2008
2:6 Bad Blood Aug 14, 2008
2:7 Rough Seas Aug 21, 2008
2:8 Double Booked Sep 11, 2008
2:9 Good Soldier Sep 18, 2008
2:10 Do No Harm Jan 22, 2009
2:11 Hot Spot Jan 29, 2009
2:12 Seek and Destroy Feb 5, 2009
2:13 Bad Breaks Feb 12, 2009
2:14 Truth & Reconciliation Feb 19, 2009
2:15 Sins of Omission Feb 26, 2009
2:16 Lesser Evil Mar 5, 2009

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