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After his star player (Guest Star: Michael B. Jordan) defends his sister from a gang of car thieves, a local football coach (Guest Star: Michael Irvin) comes to Sam for help when they come after the young man. Hoping to scare the gang out of Miami, the team pretends to be a flashy new rival, whose vicious tactics gain the notice of the organization's boss, so they use his influence to bring down the car thieves once and for all. Along the way, Michael and Fiona reminisce about old times while tracking down the man who bombed the loft, discovering that he's a demolitions expert who works for the city. Still withholding information from Carla, they find the man's house, which is booby-trapped to burn, and Fiona barely escapes before a distraught Michael finds her.

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Burn Notice Season 2

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
2:1 Breaking and Entering Jul 10, 2008
2:2 Turn and Burn Jul 17, 2008
2:3 Trust Me Jul 24, 2008
2:4 Comrades Jul 31, 2008
2:5 Scatter Point Aug 7, 2008
2:6 Bad Blood Aug 14, 2008
2:7 Rough Seas Aug 21, 2008
2:8 Double Booked Sep 11, 2008
2:9 Good Soldier Sep 18, 2008
2:10 Do No Harm Jan 22, 2009
2:11 Hot Spot Jan 29, 2009
2:12 Seek and Destroy Feb 5, 2009
2:13 Bad Breaks Feb 12, 2009
2:14 Truth & Reconciliation Feb 19, 2009
2:15 Sins of Omission Feb 26, 2009
2:16 Lesser Evil Mar 5, 2009

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