Ethan is slashed and stalked by violent humanoid predators as he makes his way through the woods toward Boise. During his orientation at the academy, Ben learns the truth about Wayward Pines: humans have evolved into "abbies" (aberrations), the result of a series of genetic mutations, and are now vicious carnivores who dominate a wasted Earth in the year 4028. The citizen-abductees of Wayward Pines were kept in hibernation chambers for over two thousand years before being reintroduced into the town, which is essentially an ark to re-introduce and protect the human race. Principal Fisher tells the students they cannot reveal this truth to their parents. Ethan comes upon the ancient ruins of Boise. A helicopter arrives with Dr. Jenkins, who introduces himself as David Pilcher, creator of Wayward Pines. He explains that the town is humanity's only sanctuary.

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Sony Commercial for PlayStation Vue

Sony Commercial for PlayStation Vue

Dates: - September 2015
This Television Commercial refers to The Truth part of Wayward Pines Season 1

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