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Fi’s move home to Ireland, as well as Maddie's own moving plan, is halted when a blood-thirsty former compatriot from her past in Ireland comes to Miami to settle an old score, so Michael steps into his old Irish cover to help. With the added assistance of her brother, Sean, Michael and the team work to convince the man that he can hand Fiona over to him as a trap, but plans change when the man’s true motives are revealed and Strickler interferes to help him. Despite the upcoming review, Michael kills him to get him out of the way and moves into high gear to save Fi and put the Irishmen away for good. At the same time, despite rooting against Michael’s reinstatement, Garza calls in distress about Michael’s association with Strickler and how his own life is now in danger because of it, so, when he ends up dead in an apparent suicide, Michael again begins to wonder what is going on.

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Burn Notice Season 3

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
3:1 Friends and Family Jun 4, 2009
3:2 Question & Answer Jun 11, 2009
3:3 End Run Jun 18, 2009
3:4 Fearless Leader Jun 25, 2009
3:5 Signals and Codes Jul 9, 2009
3:6 The Hunter Jul 16, 2009
3:7 Shot in the Dark Jul 23, 2009
3:8 Friends Like These Jul 30, 2009
3:9 Long Way Back Aug 6, 2009
3:10 A Dark Road Jan 28, 2010
3:11 Friendly Fire Jan 28, 2010
3:12 Noble Causes Feb 4, 2010
3:13 Enemies Closer Feb 11, 2010
3:14 Partners in Crime Feb 18, 2010
3:15 Good Intentions Feb 25, 2010
3:16 Devil You Know Mar 4, 2010

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